Christian Marc / Bio

Parisian born Christian Marc has always been drawn to the art and craft of creating hair into the textures and shapes of his imagination. By the age of 14, he had begun molding the hair of his friends and into the punk, new wave, and mod styles popular on the streets of Paris at the time.

Christian’s youthful ambition shortly led him to study under his mentor, legendary French hairstylist Alexandre de Paris, the man responsible for Liz Taylor’s famous coif in the classic film ‘Cleopatra’ as well as the grand looks of the Parisian haute couture. It was de Paris who taught Marc the technique of the up-do and guided him in the incredible creative process of creative and hair.

It wasn’t long until Christian felt the call of the American market, and embarked on what has been an incredibly successful career of his own. Drawing inspiration from classic film, music, and the street looks of today, his style is one marked by the touch of exacting technique but a light hand. That, along with his signature charm and warmth, makes Christian a star in his own right.

 Christian has cultivated a dedicated following of frequent collaborators including photographers Hedi Slimane, Coliena Rentmeester, Dewey Nicks, Kayt Jones, and Brian Bowen Smith.

 Also a favorite of the Hollywood set, Christian’s ever expanding list of celebrity clients include Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Debicki, Elisabeth Moss and Maika Monroe.

 Christian divides time between Los Angeles and New York.