Stefano Greco / Bio

Stefano Greco knew as a child that he wanted to work in the beauty industry as a hair stylist. He would follow his mother to her hair appointments each week, observing how the stylists would create hairstyles that would enhance each woman’s natural beauty. When he was 16 he enrolled at the CEPTA Beauty School in Geneva, Switzerland to begin his training.

After graduating, Stefano lived and worked in London, Sydney and Melbourne before settling in New York City in 2005. Stefano’s work is heavily influenced through his many years living around the world, experiencing cultures that would each have different ideals of beauty.

Stefano is able to bring a sense of youth and edge to the most conventional hairstyles. He is most inspired by ordinary, everyday life, such as people passing by on the street, movies and friends – and is able to channel that emotion into creative and thought-provoking styles and cuts.  He has especially honed his skills working with ethnic hair, wigs and extensions.  

His work has graced the covers and pages of Vogue, W, V, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Paper magazines. Over the years he has collaborated with leading photographers including Ben Hassett, Maciek Kobielski, the Morelli Brothers, Sarah Silver, Zoey Grossman, among many others. 

Being part of a process that turns an idea or fantasy into reality keeps Stefano excited to wake up every morning and be a part of this amazing field. Stefano is well on his way to a long and successful career.